Additional Heat Treating

pwht furnace

Temporary furnace built on-site at customer location for a multiple vessel run, saving time and money

Additional Heat Treating Services

GCC understands that all heat treating specifications vary and every project is unique. Feel free to discuss your project requirements with us and let us come up with a solution for you. We are fully equipped to meet a variety of current standards utilizing all other specialized formulas your heat treating project requires. Our team is available for:

• Coating/Paint Cures
• Consulting for Long and Short Term Projects
• Decontamination of Large Storage Vessels
• Expansions
• Furnace Operations (temporary or permanent)
• Hydrogen Bake-outs
• Line Thaws and valve opening assistance
• Refractory dry-outs
• Space Heating
• Welding Pre-heats
• And more...

NEW In-House Service at GCC Shop in Spring, Texas (Interstate 45N/Hwy 99)

• Oven/Furnace: Small flanges/fittings, small batch runs and test coupons
• Pipe spools, small refractory molds (dry-out), localized PWHT.

We are continually growing to satisfy the needs of our customers. Please contact us for current availability and capacities.