Looking for industrial heat treatment consulting to help your company implement new strategies and processes?

Gulf Coast Combustion’s extensive knowledge and consulting services are available across the US and globally.

consulting services

GCC consulting with client over new construction to implement in-house PWHT capabilities.

• Analysis of the existing heat treating practices of your company to make recommendations for efficiency and cost improvements

• Full-service consulting on planning, building and executing furnaces

• Heat Treating equipment/supply purchasing, personnel training and maintenance needs (Gas Fire or Localized)

• Plant turnaround/new construction planning


In today’s business climate, companies looking to move to in-house processes in the fabrication cycle benefit from the use of an expert to guide your company along in its move towards cost-cutting measures.

Whether short-term or long-term, or anything in between, we can help.  GCC offers a logical strategy for maximum efficiency in operations.

We start with an understanding of your company’s needs, current spending, schedule and goals to form the basis of a personalized plan. From there, GCC will take all the variables for our clients’ unique requests and get to work putting a plan of action in place and fully execute it.

Another benefit of our professional consulting services is having the opportunity to find any number of new solutions that your company can use to improve bottom line and quality control on heat treating practices.

So let us take the guess work out of the equation with new heat treatment processes for your company.

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