Can GCC Heat Treat Our Vessel?

Our Specialty is Vessels:

Gulf Coast Combustion specializes in on-site post weld heat treatment of large pressure vessels. The codes we most often PWHT to are ASME Sec. VIII, Div. 1 and/or UCS-56. Many companies are looking for new ways to cut down on costs while maintaining a high quality of service. We strive to generate the most competitive bid by providing an execution plan that offers the most productivity. Our customers are often impressed with our ability to cut down on lead time. We have quickly become a trusted team of experts ensuring strict adherence of codes in a timely and professional manner. Click here to see our vessel heat treating page.


On-site PWHT of 120 ft. Pressure Vessel

Below is a short list of some of the more popular types we see. On-site PWHT of vessels generally range from 10 ft. to over 150 ft. GCC is available to mobilize anywhere in the United States and beyond. Download our latest brochure detailing the process of bidding and heat treating of your tank.

List of common types of pressure vessels:

Inlet Filter Separator
Amine Contactor
Amine Carbon Filter
Outlet Gas Scrubber
Solids Filter Vessel
Butane Extractor
Propylene Oxide Storage Tank
Condensate Flash Vessel
NGL Surge Vessel
Condensate Coalescer
Inlet Slug Catcher
Pulsation Dampener Drum
1st & 2nd Stage Separator

Don't see your vessel on here? Send us information on your next project and let us add it to our list!

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