Vessel Heat Treating

Vessel Heat Treating Done Right

Vessel Heat Treating

On-site Heat Treatment of Large Pressure Vessel

GCC specializes in on-site Pressure Vessel Heat Treating using Direct Combustion Gas Fire.

• Direct Combustion Gas Fire on pressure vessels using natural gas or propane at your facility is often more cost-effective than shipping your larger vessels to another location.

• Gulf Coast Combustion has heat treated more pressure vessels on-site per year with direct combustion gas fire than any other mobile heat treating company.

Click here to view a short time-lapse video from Beginning to End of PWHT on a large Pressure Vessel.

As a result, over 95% of our jobs are gas combustion, primarily the on-site stress relieving of Pressure Vessels. We pride ourselves in being the fastest and safest Vessel Heat Treating company in the United States. Each customer receives personalized solutions ensuring  every vessel will be completed accurately and to full satisfaction.

Panoramic view of fully wrapped 100'+ vessel ready for heat treatment

Internal firing of pressure vessels at your facility will result in a quick turn over from GCC to you. The vessel is already in your shop and very minimal extra shop space is taken up during the process. We use state-of-the-art High velocity combustion systems that burn clean. We can use your supplied natural gas or propane (at a cost-savings for you) or we can easily bring propane to your site. GCC can also perform this service on vessels in refineries with reactive materials in the surrounding areas. We are fully equipped to PWHT vessels over 120' long and any diameter.

pressure vessel combustion

High Velocity Gas Combustion Control Console

Another advantage of our on-site process is that you and your client have the chance to see and inspect your vessel during service. We want the experience to be transparent so you know it is on schedule.

With our knowledgeable and experienced team, we ensure the structural integrity of your vessel during PWHT.

GCC uses state-of-the-art combustion equipment with all mandatory safety features. Our 6 to 8 Million BTU burners and 20 HP blowers will meet your PWHT needs on large vessels.

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