Time-Lapse of On-site PWHT Pressure Vessel

Time-Lapse Video

Check out a time-lapse of the post-weld heat treatment process on a large pressure vessel on-site at customer location. The video walks you through the initial set up, cook and strip out of PWHT on an 85' X 11' vessel.

The process here is using ceramic fiberglass insulation along with high-velocity gas combustion equipment to complete PWHT in accordance with ASME Sec, VIII Div. 1. On-site PWHT of pressure vessels typically takes GCC an average of 36-60 hours, depending on size. Get an overall visual of the process from beginning to end through time-lapse photography in about one minute!

Gulf Coast Combustion specializes in direct combustion gas fire on equipment like pressure vessels, refractory and paint cures. Contact us for more information.

Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0bLpQWS3rVw

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